Handpiece Repairs and Rebuilds

High Speed Engraving.com StaffWe repair and rebuild many High Speed Handpieces and Turbine Cartridges including NSK Presto, NSK Presto Aqua, Ney Hurricane, Ney Grand Hurricane, SMC XS400, Turbo 300, Powercrafter and more.

Even though we have AWESOME turn-around time on our repairs, we recommend ordering a new or refurbished cartridge while you send in yours for repair. That way, when you get the repaired cartridge back, you have a backup. ZERO downtime is best!

Rebuilds include new bearings, 0-rings and washers. If additional parts are needed, there will be additional costs for replacement parts. You will be sent an itemized quote before repairs are completed. All repairs are completed after payment is received.

What to Send:

If you need your handpiece, you may send in just the turbine cartridge for repair. However, if you can send the handpiece with the cartridge, we like to test the rebuilt cartridge in the handpiece you will be using it in.

Where to Send:

Utah Handpiece Repairs

1832 East 1400 South

Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

The Repair Process:

  • Send in your handpiece to the address above
  • We evaluate the repair and call your with an estimate (usually within 1-2 days)
  • We e-mail you a link to pay by credit card or Paypal Invoice if you prefer.
  • You pay the invoice.
  • We complete the repair, test and send it back to you.
  • (You love us for our quick service and continue to use our service)

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.


Warranty – 90 days under normal use for NSK and longer for other brands, depending on the brand. We give the same warranty as the original manufacturers warranty. (We take care of our customers!)

Our Customers

High Speed Tools are so versatile, they have many different applications for use. Our customers include wood carvers, engravers, dental labs, dentist and more. If you have a high speed tool that you need repaired, let us take a look at it for you.

**Invoicing / Payments are processed through Taking Aim Marketing. This name will appear on your credit card statement.**