White Stone – Round


Aluminum Oxide White Stone in Round Shape for Sanding and Finishing Wood using high speed engraving tools.


Aluminum Oxide White Stone Round Bur

Stone burs are great for sanding and smoothing wood. The round shape of this bur makes it perfect for (surprise!) rounded objects.

White stones are made from aluminum oxide and they are smoother and finer than the green, silicone carbide stones.

This Round Shape is also useful when you need to smooth out a “dished” out shape.

Like our green,  silicon carbide burs, the white stone burs can be shaped easily using a diamond stone.

Shank size is 1/16″ and maximum recommended speed is 150,000 rpm – you will want to regulate your high speed engraver down when using these.


Additional information

Weight.1 lbs
Dimensions1 × .1 × .1 in


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