Thomas Air Compressor


Thomas Compressor for High Speed Engraving and Power Carving. Professional Grade, Portable and Quiet, this is the highest quality compressor you will find for engraving at events.

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The Thomas Air Compressor for Engraving is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a quiet, high quality, portable compressor for engraving.

It’s compact design allows you to easily transport it to events for “on the spot” engraving. It’s quiet enough that you can hold a normal conversation while it is running close by. It’s durability will last years and years. Heck, we can even rebuild it for you if it wears out (though you’ll have a hard time wearing this one out).

All compressors are not created equal. There is a huge variance in quality, reliability and durability. The Thomas Compressor has stood the test of time and proven to be the highest quality compressor we’ve ever tested. Ken Brown has been using this compressor, engraving at live events for many years and has yet to have one wear out or quit.


Run AmpsPower WattsStart AmpsWeightDimensionsWarranty
4.747012.816.1 lbs.6.68 in. x 6.20 in. x 10.09 in.1 Year by Manufacturer
The top of the air compressor will get very hot while in use. Do not touch it.
The OUT port is 1/4″ pipe thread. Image is shown with Optional 1/4″ male quick connect fitting installed. (see addons)

Now Offering a Quiet Box for the Thomas Compressor!

Watch the videos below to see the decibel level of the Thomas Compressor with and without the Quiet Box. Keep in mind that the sound meter is right next to the compressor where you will most likely have it under a table or bench. It will actually be quieter for you than the videos show.


Sound Decibel Chart

Sound Decibel Chart

Environmental Noise
Weakest sound heard0dB
Whisper Quiet Library at
Normal conversation at 3′60-65dB
Telephone dial tone80dB
City Traffic (inside car)85dB

We highly recommend using our Compressor Hose.
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Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions18 × 16 × 16 in

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