Small Football Diamond Bur – Coarse Grit


Small Diamond Football Bur – Coarse Grit


The (Coarse Grit) Football Diamond Bur is popular for shaping, smoothing and cleaning out cuts in wood.

Diamond footballs are also useful when carving patterns such as basket weave, fish scale and scrolls. This diamond bur is the smallest diamond football we carry. It’s 1.8mm at the widest point.

This part number is for a coarse grit diamond bur but we also offer a fine grit small football diamond bur.

Here are the size details for this Small Football Diamond:

Head Size (mm): 1.8
Head Length (mm): 4.5
Shank Diameter (mm): 1.6
Shank Length (mm): 19
Grit: Coarse
Shank Type: FG (Friction Grip – For use in high speed engraving tools such as the NSK Presto)

What to Look for in a Diamond Football Bur

Remember! Not all diamond burs are created equal. There are many different brands of diamond cutters that are produced all over the world.

If you are sanding or finishing, it might not be necessary to have the highest quality burs. However, if you are adding fine detail in wood or engraving hard surfaces where precision matters, be sure to order quality diamond burs. Higher quality burs will perform better and last longer than “cheap” burs.

One HUGE difference in Football diamonds is the tip. On cheaper football burs, you will notice the tip is rounded and not sharp.  The tip of these burs is used for adding hair to animal wood carvings. Our football diamond burs have a very fine point in order to accomplish this. You might notice that inferior diamond burs do not have a fine tip and therefore will not be able to do this.

Additional information

Weight.1 lbs
Dimensions1 × .1 × .1 in

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