SCM 400XS Replacement Turbine


Factory replacement turbine for the SCM 400 XS High Speed Engraving Drill.


Replacement Turbine for SCM’s 400XS

Exact replacement turbine for the SCM 400XS. When your handpiece no longer runs like new and begins to lose power, you can bet it’s time for either a turbine rebuild or a new turbine. All bearings wear out and high speed handpieces are no exception. If you are using your engraver, the bearings inside the turbine will eventually wear out.

When that happens, you have two options:

  1. Order a New Turbine
  2. Send us your Turbine and have us Rebuild it – Info Here

Instructions for removing your XS400 Turbine

  • Unscrew the front lockring.
  • Remove the Turbine Cartridge

Instructions for Installing a New (or Rebuilt) Turbine in your XS400

  • With the front lockring off the handpiece, insert the turbine into the handpiece
  • Screw on the front lockring until finger tight. Do not use any tools. Finger tight is good.

High Speed Handpieces that feature oil less turbines (such as the SCM XS400) tend to wear out a little quicker than those that require lubrication. However, there are some big advantages to having an oil less handpiece (no oily mess)!

Features oil less bearings – you do not need to use a lubricator with this turbine. Requires no oil.

Includes a 90 day warranty.

How long will my new turbine last? The answer to this questions depends on how your use the tool. High speed engraving tools are designed for speed. Let the speed do the work for you. They are not designed for torque. If you let the speed to the work and use light hand pressure, your turbine could last many years. If you have a heavy hand and apply too much pressure, the turbine (and your burs) will wear out very quickly. Make sure you are using the right tool for the job. High speed engraving tools are designed for intricate detail work, not large removal of material. If you need to remove large amounts of wood or other material, check our our Electric Micromotors.


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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