Relief Carving Mule Deer Bust by Dyke Roskelley



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Mule Deer Carving in Wood – Instructional DVD Set

This is a 3 Part DVD Set demonstrating how to Relief Carve a Mule Deer Head in Wood. It is demonstrated by Dyke Roskelley, who is undoubtably one of the top wood carvers you’ll find anywhere. (Visit his website to see his work, it’s amazing!)

In this DVD set, Dyke takes you step by step through the process he used to create a relief wood carving of a mule deer head. He uses an electric engraver in every part of this dvd. Dyke’s favorite electric micromotor is the Ram OZ Plus Electric Micromotor.

You will see everything including:

  • The Pattern Dyke uses – on Stencil Film
  • The tools he uses
  • The burs he uses
  • The techniques for each step

Dyke explains in each step the process he is taking and you’ll see it all.

We call this set Pattern Carving because Jeff Wolf sculpts this design in clay, then Dyke uses the clay pattern to do the wood carving. It’s no secret that the best wood carvers often sculpt their work in clay prior to ever starting the carving. This way, they get to tweak the design and work out any flaws in clay (we all know how hard it is to cover up mistakes once the carving has started).


The DVD of Jeff Sculpting this pattern is called Pattern Sculpting DVD Set – Mule Deer Bust. You can view and purchase it on the WARA Website here.


The Bleaching and Staining of this wood carving is taught in another DVD called Bleaching and Staining Wood.  Learn this process and your wood carvings will come to life!

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