Quiet Box for Compressor


Quiet Box specifically designed for the High Speed Engraving Portable Compressor. Run your compressor inside this box to reduce the noise. Great for apartments and live engraving events.

Add an Angle Fitting?

This angle fitting goes on the OUT port of the compressor to make it easier to connect your compressor hose. Available in 1/8″ and 1/4″ depending on your setup.


Quiet Box for Compressor

Specifically designed for the Thomas Portable Compressor, the Quiet box for compressor will drastically reduce the noise level. It will also work with other compressors as long as they’ll fit inside the box. The quiet box is lined with high density foam on all sides and the lid to reduce the noise coming from the compressor during use. There is a fan mounted in the one side of the box that delivers air to the compressor while the lid is closed. The other end of the box has a vent so the air can continue to pass through.

This quiet box reduces the noise level from about 85 decibels to about 65 decibels.  It’s great for those with apartments or working in small stores where noise is an issue.

There is one 120V cord to operate the fan. Of course, once your compressor is inside the quite box, you’ll also have a cord for the compressor. The cords run out the top of the box to one side and the lid will still shut. Your compressor hose will run out the other side of the box under the lid.

Watch the videos below to see the decibel level of the Thomas Compressor with and without the Quiet Box. Keep in mind that the sound meter is right next to the compressor where you will most likely have it under a table or bench. It will actually be quieter for you than the videos show.


Sound Decibel Chart

Sound Decibel Chart

Environmental Noise
Weakest sound heard0dB
Whisper Quiet Library at
Normal conversation at 3′60-65dB
Telephone dial tone80dB
City Traffic (inside car)85dB

To set up:

  • Put your compressor inside the box as the images show.
  • Plug in the fan to a 120V outlet.
  • Plug in your compressor
  • Close the lid with the hose and cords running out the ends just under the lid.
  • We recommend using an Electric Foot Control or Power Strip to power the compressor. However, always plug the fan cord directly into the outlet so it runs even while the compressor is off. You don’t want the fan turning on and off with the compressor. Leave it running to cool the compressor as much as possible.


  • Foam lined quiet box reduces the noise of your compressor
  • Operate the compressor inside the box with the lid closed!
  • Transporting the compressor is easy! It has wheels!
  • Push-button telescoping handle system
  • Extra room inside the box for your chords and hoses
  • Front organizer section and pocket
  • Dual combination locks
  • 14″H x 18″L x 8″W

Great for:

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Small Events where noise is an issue
  • Neighbors (they’ll appreciate not hearing your compressor when you are engraving all night 🙂

We build these custom quiet boxes upon order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Click on the Image for a better view of the Angle Fitting
The one shown in 1/8″

Note – Your compressor hose will still attach to you compressor with a quick connect. The compressor hose will run out the top of the box, under the lid. Most compressors have the fitting running straight out of the compressor head and this can cause the hose to kink when you angle it towards the lid. We recommend you purchase an Angle Fitting to make the hose connection much easier by pointing the quick connect UP towards the lid. Angle fittings are available in 1/8″ and 1/4″.

The one you will need depends on your compressor setup. Please call us at 801.210.0479 if you are unsure and we will help you.

Note – Compressors get hot during operation whether they are inside a box or not. Never touch the compressor when it’s hot. Always plug the fan cord directly into the wall outlet so it continues to run even if the compressor is off. When heat is created, moisture is also a bi-product. Always use a good filter/regulator and a desiccant filter with your engraving system to protect from moisture.


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Additional information

Weight17 lbs
Dimensions22 × 16 × 20 in


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