Pillow Bag – Hold Objects While Engraving


Felt Pillow Bag for holding odd shaped items still while you engrave them. Perfect for engraving glass, knives, wine bottles, perfume bottles and more.


The Easiest Way to Hold Odd Shaped Items while Engraving is to use a Pillow Bag.

Designed by Ken Brown, this Pillow Bag is designed to conform to odd shaped objects (such as wine bottles, perfume bottles, etc.) and hold them still while engraving.

The bag actually consists of two parts, an inner bag filled with beads and an outer (washable, removable) cover made of felt.

The outer felt cover is WHITE on one side and BLACK on the other side.  This allows you to use the side that contrasts the best with the color of the object you are engraving.

The outer cover is removable (it has a zipper) and washable. (Keeping it clean will keep you looking sharp and professional at your next engraving event!)

If you are engraving odd shaped items such as knives, money clips, glasses, bottles etc., this Engraving Pillow Bag is a must have item.

Note: The picture was taken with the bag wrapped in plastic, hence the shine. There is also a 12 inch ruler in the picture to show you the approximate size of the bag.


Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10 × 2 in