NSK Presto Handpiece Regulator Combo


NSK Presto Handpiece and SMC Filter/Regulator (not pictured) Combo. Regulator comes with wall mount bracket or plastic stand option.

NSK Presto Handpiece and Filter/Regulator Combo complete with stand.

About the NSK Presto Handpiece

The NSK Presto Handpiece is the best value in a high speed air rotary tool. It's not the cheapest and it's not the most expensive, but it is the highest quality you'll find for the price.  It rotates at 320,000 rpm at 35 psi. Almost any compressor will provide enough air to operate the NSK Presto as long as you're not trying to use an airbrush compressor. Airbrush compressors do not produce enough air volume.

The air volume you need is 1.5 cfm at 35 psi. Most compressors will have a sticker on the side telling you the amount of volume they produce at a given pressure.

The NSK Presto does not require oil or any lubrication. It also has tiny slots right near the nose cone that blow away debris while you are carving, keeping the cutting head clean as you carve or engrave.

The diameter of the Presto is  5/8", it's 4 1/4" long and accepts only 1/16" shank high speed burs.  The handpiece includes 6' of tubing, an instruction manual and the tools necessary for removing the cartridge and chuck. We recommend removing the chuck and cleaning it every 30 days or so. We've even made a video showing you how to do it!

One of the best things about the Presto is that the cartridge can be rebuilt. This will save you money compared to buying a new cartridge when the time comes. A common question is, "How long will my cartridge last?" The answer depends on how you use the tool. If you take care of it and use light hand pressure, letting the speed do the cutting, it will last for years. If you have a HEAVY hand and use too much pressure, you'll wear out the cartridge (turbine) much quicker.

About the Filter/Regulator Unit

A good Filter/Regulator is essential when using air tools. It's function is to regulate the air pressure and remove and moisture or debris from the air before it is delivered to your NSK Presto handpiece. Most compressors put out over 100psi so the regulator makes sure this pressure is reduced to 35 psi before reaching your handpiece. The bowl on our filter/regulator is an auto drain bowl. This means it will gather the moisture from the air (all compressors produce moisture when they compress air) and contain it inside the clear bowl. To drain the water from the bowl, simple disconnect the air supply (compressor hose) from the filter/regulator.

The metal wall mount bracket that comes with the regulator is perfect for mounting the regulator to any wall or vertical surface. We also offer an optional plastic stand that holds the filter/regulator if you choose to use one. We only recommend using the two way toggle valve if you are using a tank type compressor. If you are using a continuous running compressor, such as the Thomas Compressor, you will not need the two way toggle valve.

If you already have a compressor, this combo unit is all you need to get going (except some high speed engraving burs of course).

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 6 × 6 in
Regulator Stand

No, Yes


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