NSK Presto II Handpiece – Air Turbine Tool

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NSK Presto II Handpiece used in dental labs and widely popular for wood carvers, engravers and other artists wanting to add intricate detail to their artwork. Nothing carves as smooth as a High Speed Handpiece. We’ve been selling and servicing high speed engraving tools for over 25 years. When you buy from High Speed Engraving, you get the piece of mind that we know the tool better than anyone and we do our own rebuilds and repairs if ever needed, saving you time from manufacturer warranties. Nobody has been selling or servicing high speed engraving tools longer than us.


We are the only company that offers In House Warranty on NSK Presto Cartridges. Select your warranty period below.


NSK Presto II Handpiece – Rotary Tool for Engraving, Wood Carving

The NSK Presto II handpiece started out as a Dental Drill but has become widely popular in the wood carving and engraving world. It’s super smooth performance and quiet operation make it a favorite among wood carvers, glass engravers, metal engravers and more for adding intricate detail to their artwork. High speed turbine tools are so easy to use because of the control they give the users. The speed of air turbine tools allow you greater control compared to electric (slower) tools. The NSK presto rotates at about 320,000 rpm where most electric tools spin at 30,000 – 50,000 rpm. This difference in speed is HUGE! Where electric tools grab the material and pull the tool around, high speed tools such as the NSK Presto cut right through the material without grabbing and jerking. It feels like you are writing with a pen instead of jerking a tool around.

If you are used to electric tools, you’ll be amazed when you get a high speed pneumatic tool in your hands.

Why Buy from Us?

  • Nobody had been selling the NSK Presto II longer than we have.
  • Nobody else offers an in house warranty on NSK Presto Cartridges. 
  • Nobody else rebuilds NSK Presto Cartridges – Saving you Money over buying a New Cartridge when needed.
  • Why not buy from a dealer that stands behind the product rather than having to send the tool to NSK should something go wrong?
  • Other NSK Dealers will send you tool or cartridge to NSK for repair, costing you weeks of downtime. (NSK is in the business of manufacturing tools, not taking care of customers and repairing tools)
  • We are the only company that offers refurbished cartridges – saving you money over new when you need a second cartridge (cartridge is the part that rotates on the front of the handpiece).

Features Include:

  • Easy Bur Removal – Simple twist the collar on the side of the handpiece
  • Quiet Operation – The quietest of all the high speed handpieces we’ve tested
  • Silky Smooth High Speed Performance – Ultimate Control due to the high speed rotation
  • Includes wrenches, bur push in tool, tubing and instruction manual
  • Used all standard high speed dental burs – 1/16″ Friction Grip rated for over 300,000 rpm
  • Replaceable Chuck
  • Replaceable Cartridge
  • Cartridge can by Rebuilt by Utah Handpiece Repair
  • 90 Day In House Warranty

**This is a Brand New factory Item – Not Refurbished**

*In House Warranty covers the cartridge only from bearing failure or defects in materials or workmanship. It does not cover misuse or damage caused by neglect.

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