NSK Presto Engraving Kit – Basic Setup


NSK Presto Basic Engraving Kit – Tank Style Compressor Setup


NSK Presto Engraving Kit – Basic Setup for Tank Type Compressors

The Basic NSK Presto Engraving Kit includes the essentials you’ll need to get started into High Speed Engraving / Power Carving. It’s designed for those that already have a tank type compressor.

Basic Engraving Kit Includes:

  • SMC Filter/Regulator Complete on Stand with Fittings
  • Variable Speed Round Foot Control
  • 6′ Clear Handpiece Tubing
  • NSK Presto High Speed Handpiece
  • Weighted Handpiece Stand

If you already have a compressor and you’re looking to get started into high speed engraving, this basic kit is a great option for you. it is designed specifically for those with Tank style compressors due to the use of the foot pedal. The speed of the handpiece will vary depending on the pressure applied to the foot pedal, making this a great choice for those doing intricate wood carvings.

This setup does not include Burs. We have many bur samplers and individual burs for different applications.

Setup is Simple!

  • Connect The NSK Presto to the Clear Tubing
  • Connect your compressor hose to the quick connect on the IN side of the filter/regulator.
  • Depress the variable speed foot pedal

Simple Operation with a Variable Speed Foot Pedal

Note: The Filter/Regulator in this video is slightly different from the SMC Filter/Regulator we now offer.

Why is this Setup Recommended for a Tank Style Compressor?

With this setup, you depress the foot pedal, allowing air to travel from your compressor to the handpiece. If you have a tank full of air, there is always enough air to turn your NSK Presto Handpiece on by simply depressing the foot pedal. Tank style compressors will turn on when the psi reaches the minimum psi (usually about 80psi) and they will turn off when the pressure in the tank reaches the maximum psi (usually about 100psi). The NSK Presto only operates on 35-40 psi, therefore, you always have enough air pressure and volume to operate the handpiece even if your tank style compressor is running.

If you have a tankless compressor, you would need to run the compressor to first build up air pressure before the foot pedal, then depress the foot pedal to allow the air to travel to the handpiece. Tankless compressors need to run constantly to produce air. They have no storage tank.  Most engravers with tankless or continuous running compressors are operating them using an electric foot control to turn the compressor on and off. This means you would be operating the compressor switch with one foot, while operating the speed of the tool with the other foot. This could get fairly tricky.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 in


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