Ney Hurricane Replacement Cartridge – Complete

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Replacement cartridge for the Ney Hurricane, Turbo 300 and SCM XS400 high speed engraving and carving handpieces. Complete replacement turbine. Non removable chuck. 90 day warranty.


Ney Hurricane Replacement Cartridge

Ney CartridgeThis replacement cartridge (also called Turbine) fits the Ney Hurricane, Turbo 300 and SCM XS 400.

Why is this Replacement Cartridge Less $ than an original replacement cartridge?

  • Original cartridges for the Ney Hurricane and Turbo 300 include removable chucks. This model does not have a removable chuck. On this design, the chuck is part of the shaft and cannot be replaced separately.
  • Original cartridges can be rebuilt. We cannot always rebuild this replacement cartridge. The shaft of this cartridge is much thinner than the original design and somethings the shafts split when we try to rebuild them. This is not always the case and sometimes we can rebuild them.
  • Original bearings on the Ney have phenolic cages. The bearings on this replacement cartridge do not have phenolic cages. They are a less expensive bearing.

Those are the only differences. Keep in mind, these replacement cartridges are less than 1/2 the cost of an original turbine and we have many customers that feel these are the better value for their money. These often last customers over a year in service, but the guarantee is 90 days.

As far as the SCM XS400 goes, this is an exact replacement of the original cartridge. There are no differences.

This cartridge is also a popular option as a spare cartridge, especially if you are doing events or live shows and cannot afford a cartridge to go down during the event. We always recommend you have a least a spare cartridge on hand while engraving at events, if not a second high speed handpiece. There’s nothing worse than being down at an event that you’ve paid good money to demonstrate at. The risk of not having backup equipment is not worth it.

Warranty is 90 days from date of purchase.


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