Gun Carving DVD Set – Relief Carving 3 Bald Eagle Designs

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Gun Carving DVD Set – Learn how to carve gunstocks and make your firearms one of a kind originals.


Gun Carving DVD Set by Dyke Roskelley

Watch this DVD to learn how to turn your ordinary gun into a work of art! Dyke Roskelley demonstrates how he produces amazing animal carvings on gun stocks in this 2 Part DVD Set.

What You Will See and Learn

In this series, Dyke shows us how to carve 3 different bald eagle designs into the stocks of 3 different Henry .22 caliber guns. See each step including:

  • The tools
  • The bits (burs)
  • The stencil process
  • Outlining
  • Relief Carving of the Eagles
  • Blending
  • Adding detail
  • Relief carving the background
  • and more!

If you’re interested in learning how to carve gun stocks, this is a great place to start. Dyke uses the RAM OZ Plus micromotor during these videos, however, one could also use similar rotary tools to achieve the same result.

He starts by showing how he transfers the artwork onto stencil film. Using the stencil film, also known as pattern paper, he secures the design onto the gun stock. The wood carving is performed right through the stencil film and onto the wood surface. The pattern film is then removed as the wood carving is finished. The background is relieved to make the design POP! This really makes the design come to life.

The Story Behind these Gun Carvings

The owner of the guns has 3 sons that are receiving their eagle scout award. He wanted to give them something to reward them for their accomplishments. Something they would never forget.  Dyke was commissioned by the father to personalize 3 different Henry .22 caliber rifles; one for each of his sons.  Transitioning each one of them into an original work of art.  There’s no way they will ever forget why they received these gifts! What a great reward for their effort.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an artist to trace lines and do the techniques taught in this dvd series. If you need artwork for your projects, make sure you check out our downloadable artwork section. (there are even some that are FREE!)

**Note** – Bleaching and Staining  of the guns in this DVD set is taught in a separate dvd. This is a process that we wanted to dedicate some time to in order to teach it correctly.

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