Gun Carving DVD – Basketweave


Gun Carving DVD – How to carve the basketweave pattern by Joe Cummings.


Gun Carving DVD – How to Carve the Basketweave Pattern taught by Joe Cummings

Joe Cummings takes you step by step through the process of carving the basketweave design on a gunstock in this dvd. Joe’s basket weave design is much smaller than most so it’s a little bit of a tighter look when comparing it to others you may have seen. By applying the steps in this dvd, you can make the weave design any size you want.

Basketweave is often chosen as the replacement for the factory checkering on a gun. It adds a unique look to any firearm stock that is sure to impress.

Joe’s simple, step by step process is demonstrated in meticulous detail in this tutorial dvd.

He starts with putting the basketweave design onto stencil film. He then lays the self adhesive stencil film on the surface of the gun. The engraving is performed using a high speed handpiece and burs, right through the stencil film. This is just a process of tracing lines at this point.

The stencil film is then removed from the stock of the gun and the weaves are formed and finished using different burs and following simple steps. Anyone can learn to create amazing basketweave designs using these steps. This DVD shows extreme close-ups of every step and is very easy to follow.

Approx 60 min in length.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × .3 in


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