Foot Control On/Off Pedal


Electric Foot Pedal – On/Off Switch for 110v devices including compressors.


Electric Foot Control

This electric foot control is an on/off switch that is operated with your foot. This allows you to turn your compressor on or off with your foot, allows your hands to remain free. No more reaching over to unplug the compressor or turning off the power switch.

This On/Off Foot Control plugs directly into the outlet, then your compressor plugs into the foot control

We recommend using this foot control with continuous running compressors such as the Thomas Compressor or our Quiet Pro Compressor.

n and off as you engrave. When you press the pedal down, the compressor turns on, release and the compressor turns off.

You do need to keep your foot on the pedal for the power to be delivered to whatever you have plugged into the foot control. Once you activate the power be pressing the pedal, the power will remain on until you press the foot control again.

It can be used to operate any 110v electrical device, but in most of our customers applications, it is used to operate a compressor.

We also offer a Variable Speed Foot Control if you are looking to control the speed of  your handpiece with a foot control. This type of foot control is recommended if you are using a Tank Type Compressor, not a continuous compressor.

Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in


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