Fishscale Bur Sampler



This Fishscale Bur Sampler is designed for those wanting to follow Joe Cummings instructions on how to carve the fishscale pattern in wood. This pattern is very popular with gunstock carvers that are wanting to dress up their firearms with some custom wood carving. Replacing the factory checkering with Fishscale is a great way to turn an ordinary gun into a work of art.

All Burs in this sampler are High Quality, High Speed, 1/16″ Friction Grip for use in Engravers such as the NSK Presto.

Sampler Includes:

  • 1 368 Small Diamond Football (Coarse Grit)
  • 1 368 Large Diamond Football (Coarse Grit)
  • 1 368 Small Diamond Football (Fine Grit)
  • 1 889-009 Taped Diamond Burr
  • 1 699 Tapered Carbide Bur
  • 1 Bur Bur Block included

There are all of the burs you will need to follow Joe’s instructions from start to finish.

Here are some links that might help you.

Gun carvers love the fish scaleĀ pattern. Many choose to replace the factory checkering on their guns with the basketweave or fishscale patterns. This is a great way to make your guns stand out from the rest.

Additional information

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in

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