Filter Regulator – SMC


Filter regulator for Engraving complete setup with stand and two way toggle valve for use with tank style compressors.



Filter Regulator SMC Brand – Complete with Stand

Features – What it Does

Filter/Regulators serve two primary purposes:

  1. They filter the air, removing any debris or liquid before it reaches your handpiece. ¬†Water is created when air is compressed. All compressors create moisture. It’s critical that you prevent that moisture from reaching your high speed handpiece or any pneumatic tools. Liquid will damage them. As the air passes through this filter, the water gathers in the bottom of the bowl. You then twist the knob on the bottom to drain the water from the bowl.
  2. Regulate the air pressure to your handpiece. All high speed handpieces require 35-45 psi. Most compressors put out over 100 psi. Therefore, the air pressure needs to be regulated down before it reaches your handpiece. This filter/regulator will do that by adjusting the knob on the top until the gauge shows the correct pressure for your tool.
  3. This complete setup also makes it very easy to turn the air supply on and off to your handpiece using the toggle switch mounted on the stand. (pictures but optional)

My Compressor has a regulator on it already. Do I need this?

If you want to adjust the regulator on your compressor each time you switch to a different air tool, you can certainly do that. However, most compressors do not have the FILTER component to remove debris and moisture from the air. We always recommend using a filter/regulator when using high speed handpieces.

What is Included?

Everything you see in the pictures. The filter is mounted on an ABS Stand. The quick connect is an Industrial Standard male that most compressor hoses in the USA are compatible with. The two way toggle valve (optional) is also mounted to the stand. The valve makes is simple to turn the air supply to your handpiece ON and OFF without the need to disconnect the compressor hose each time. Simply flip the toggle one way for ON and the other way for OFF.

Who is this recommended for?

We recommend this setup for anyone with a tank type compressor. The two way air toggle valve works great and the setup is simple, clean and professional. We do not recommend using a toggle valve setup like this if you are using a tankless (continuous running) compressor such as the Thomas Compressor.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Two Way Toggle Switch

No Switch, Add a Two Way Toggle Switch


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