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Bench Top Dust Collector to keep your work station clean and safe.


Desktop Dust Collector Filter System

At the source desktop dust management system. If you’re looking for a great desktop (bench top) dust collector to keep your work area clean and safe, this is a great choice.

The motor is quiet and powerful, yet the entire system is small enough to not get in your way. It includes an 8 inch hood, which is 3 piece of clear acrylic that mount just in front of the filter. This makes it portable, allowing you to take it to engraving and carving events.

The filters are 2 inches wide and can easily be removed for cleaning. Multiple filters can also be stacked in front of each other for even greater efficiency.   The standard 2″ filter (included with the system)  works great for most wood carvers and is easily cleaned by tapping it into a garbage can or bag. It can be cleaned many times before you’ll need to replace it. Replacement filters are also available and higher efficiency filters are too!

The Plastic cabinet that houses the powerful motor is flame proof and includes a lamp holder that will accept most standard swing are lamps.

Many accessories are available for the desktop dust collector including high efficiency filters, lap top tray, air deflector, and more, however, it works great for most with the standard kit. It works at the back of your work bench because the exhaust is to the side.

Complete Dust Collector Unit measures 11 x 11″ x 6″ deep and weighs 7.25 lbs with the filter installed.


  • Weight:
    3.3kg / 7.25lb. (with standard 2 inch filter installed).
  • Construction:
    Structurally foamed flame retardant ABS plastic, certified CSA A000 flameproof.
  • Fan:
    Variable speed high performance impeller type fan 530 CFM free air, 400 CFM @ .4″ static pressure.
  • Electrical ratings:
    120VAC, 60Hz, .67A 100watts.
  • Standard Filter:
    9.75″ x10.5″ x 2″ pleated filter rated 30% efficient w/1 micron particle.
  • Safety Certification:
    CSA c/us safety certification (CSA #LR95555) for North America.
  • Warranty:
    5 years on the impeller (fan), 10 years on all other parts of the power unit.

CFM Ratings

One of the first questions we get asked is how many CFM’s? While it may seem like a simple question, the answer gets a bit complicated. We will try to explain. A CFM stands for “cubic feet per minute,� and indicates how many cubic feet of air that can be moved through the fan in one minute. The theory is, the more CFM the better, but this is not necessarily so.

Static Pressure

Another factor governing fan performance is something called static pressure. They measure it in inches of water gauge. Static pressure is basically anything that restricts the air coming into the fan, for example, a filter. Obviously a clogged filter would provide more static pressure than a clean filter. This is why our choice of a fan was so critical to the performance of this system. The fan we chose is actually a high-tech version of a fan called an impeller, and it is rated at 530 CFM! Impellers are much more efficient than other types of fans (unfortunately, they are also more expensive).

Axial Fan

The regular type of fan that most people are familiar with is called an axial fan rated at 550 CFM may sound more powerful, but it isn’t. Putting a new filter in front of it introduces approx. 0.15″ static pressure, dropping the CFM rating to only 200 CFM. Getting a load of sawdust in the filter increases the static pressure to over 0.2″, reducing airflow to below 175 CFM. By the time static pressure gets up to 0.4″, airflow has dropped below 20 CFM or about half that of a bathroom fan.


Now let’s look at our impeller. At 0.15″ static pressure it still moves over 500CFM. At 0.2″, airflow is still above 485 CFM. At 0.4″, airflow is over 400 CFM. The impeller will move air all the way up to 1.5″ static pressure. Other advantages of the impeller are several. Because of the blade design, the blades will not load up, so they should never need to be cleaned. Also, as static pressure increases, the impeller actually uses less electricity, so it won’t burn out from too much pressure. Our impeller is built to last and last.

NOTE – The Dust Collector is often shipped directly from the manufacturer in Canada. Please allow extra shipping time. Tracking info will be sent to your email.

Additional information

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions13 × 13 × 8 in


  1. Steve

    This unit works very well for my work area. It is very quiet and can be located easily and is adjustable to my needs. I added a small fan on the opposite side of my carving area to assist in the air flow. While it is not a necessity I believe it helps with efficiency to convey dust away from my work and into the unit. I would rate it as a 10 out of 10 to meet my needs.

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