Carbide Bur Sampler – Specialty Carbides


Carbide Bur Sampler – Includes 10 Popular Carbide Burs for use in High Speed Handpieces that accept 1/16″ friction grip burs.


This carbide bur sampler features 10 Specialty Carbides that are used frequently in wood carving, glass engraving, gourd art, egg art and more.

These are all popular 1/16″ friction grip, high speed carbide burs for many different engraving/carving applications.

Carbide Burs Included in this Bur Sampler include:

  • 335 Small Inverted Cone
  • 37 Medium Inverted Cone
  • 39 Large Inverted Cone
  • 331 Pear Shaped Carbide
  • 7611 Finishing Carbide
  • 699 Tapered Carbide
  • 699L Long Tapered Carbide
  • 703 Large Tapered Carbide
  • 1171 Carbide
  • 171 Carbide

All burs are high quality carbide bits rated for use in high speed handpieces such as the NSK Presto, Ney Hurricane and others.

Inverted cones are great for undercutting in wood and other porous surfaces. They are also great for fine lines on hard surfaces when turning them on a 45 degree angle.

Finishing Carbides sand and smooth as they cut. The 7611 is very versatile and works great for many engraving applications.

The 699 Carbide is the most popular carbide bur for outlining in wood. It is also awesome for cutting eggshells and gourds. The 699L is the exact same bit as the 699 except it is longer to reach further.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in


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