Buck Mule Deer with Doe in Winter


Mule Deer Drawing – Buck with Doe in Winter by Dyke Roskelley.


This is a scene of a Buck Mule Deer and a doe mule deer in winter.

Mule Deer usually “rut” around mid November. When they rut, they fight other bucks for the right to breed the does in the area. They also get big thick necks. Dyke has captured this time of year perfectly in this drawing.

Dyke Roskelley has provided this free downloadable drawing for your to use in your own art projects. Mule Deer make awesome carvings on plaques, gun stocks, knives and more. Feel free to download this pattern and use it, but please respect our license for use.

The download will be in PDF format and it will not contain the High Speed Engraving.com watermark in the image.

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