7611 Tapered Trimming & Finishing Carbide


The 7611 Carbide is a finishing carbide designed to Cut and Sand at the same time, leaving a smoother finish than other carbide bits.


The 7611 is a finishing carbide cutter. This means that it is great for outlining in wood or eggs, but it also sands the surface as it cuts because of the 12 flutes running down the sides of the bur.

The length of the 7611 carbide cutting head is just under 4mm. It is .010 (1/10 mm) at the widest point.

For use in high speed tools such as the NSK Presto and others requiring friction grip, 1/16″ shank burs. 

Additional information

Weight.01 lbs
Dimensions.5 × .01 × .01 in