699 Long Carbide Bur


The 699 Long Carbide is a Tapered Flat End Cross Cut Carbide and is very popular high speed cutter amongst wood carvers. It’s for use in high speed handpieces such as the NSK Presto.


The 699 Carbide is the most popular carbide for wood carvers using high speed handpieces such as the NSK Presto. It’s excellent for outlining in wood when beginning a relief carving, or even for simple line carvings.

Technically, the 699 is a Tapered Flat End Cross Cut Carbide. Allow me to translate – this means the carbide cutters are along the side of the bur and they extend down to the tip. Use the side cutters for outline and use the corner of the tip for fine lines. You will want to “sink” the bur into the wood and allow the bur to cut using the flutes along the side.

The 699L (this part number) is the long version of the standard 699, making it perfect for tight places where you need further reach.

This bur is also great for fine lines in metal, glass and more.

The diameter of the cutting head is 0.9 mm.

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .01 × .01 in
Carbide Sampler Specialty Carbide Burs

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