699 Carbide Bur


The 699 Carbide is the most popular bur for all around engraving and carving.


This is the most popular bur for all around engraving and carving. It is perfect for outlining in wood and porous surfaces and also great for engraving fine lines in metal and glass by using the corner of the bur.

The carbide flutes run down the edges which means you’ll be using the side of the bur to cut and carve. When outlining artwork through stencil film, this is perfect because you can sink the bur into the wood then drag sideways to carve into the wood. This keeps the bur in place while outlining so it doesn’t skip along the surface.

The 699 carbide bur is also great for adding fine detail by using the corner where the cutting flutes meet the end of the bur. The 699 carbide cutter is a very versatile tapered carbide bur that you’ll want to have in your tool arsenal.



Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .01 × .01 in
Carbide Sampler Specialty Carbide Burs

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