3/32″ to 1/16″ Chuck Reducer

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Chuck Reducer 3/32″ to 1/16″. Us this reducer when using a 3/32″ chuck with 1/16″ high speed (friction grip) burs.

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Chuck Reducer to allow 1/16″ High Speed Burs to be used in larger micromotors with 3/32″ chucks.

Using a chuck reducer saves time over changing out chucks to use different burs. This item is designed for use in handpieces with 3/32″ chucks (most electric micromotors including the RotoScribe 50 and NSK Espert and Evolution) when you want to use high speed burs with 1/16″ shanks such as those used in the NSK Presto and Ney Hurricane.

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Weight.01 lbs
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