Utah Handpiece Repair can rebuild your NSK Presto Aqua and save you money!

Instead of buying a new NSK Presto Aqua cartridge, let us rebuild yours for less than 1/2 the cost!.

Turn around time on most rebuilds is just a couple days and we know how important this is to dental labs when you have jobs to complete. We rebuild cartridges for many dental labs all over the country. We also give you a warranty on every rebuild we perform that is equal to the warranty you would receive on the purchase of a new NSK Presto Aqua cartridge.

Don’t discard that old cartridge and throw it away! Even if you decide to purchase a new cartridge, we are still interested in your used cartridge. We often offer a credit for old cartridges so we can use the parts. We also offer refurbished cartridges for NSK Presto as we have them available.

Contact Utah Handpiece Repair today and let us start saving you money on your NSK Presto Aqua Cartridges.

NSK Presto Aqua Cartridge Rebuild includes:

  • New Bearings
  • New Washers
  • New O-rings
  • Testing
  • Warranty

Note – Most of the cartridges we receive only need a rebuild. However, there will be additional charge if your cartridge needs a new chuck or other parts. We will contact you with a quote before performing any repairs. ┬áPlease send all the parts you have with the cartridge so we can accurately test.

Send your NSK Presto Aqua Cartridge to Utah Handpiece Repairs today!

Where to Send:

Utah Handpiece Repair

654 North 800 East #315

Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

Please include your name and all contact information in the package. Upon receipt, we will contact your with a repair estimate before completing any repairs.

We also rebuild NSK Presto and other high speed handpieces, turbines and cartridges.