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High Speed provides carving patterns and artwork for artists to use in their own art projects. We do this to help those wanting to learn new skills such as sculpting, wood carving, engraving and more. We realize that not everyone was lucky enough to be born with the gift of art or the ability to draw or create art from their mind. Thankfully, we have great artists that are willing to help others out in this area!

Our goal is to  provide quality artwork to be used by in art and craft projects.

Please use the artwork on this site for what it was intended for.

All products purchased and downloaded are sold with an unlimited license for use in the purchasers own art and craft projects. This means that once your purchase and download a product, it is yours to use. You can carve, engrave, sculpt, quilt and use any of the designs in any way you choose. You may even sell the artwork your create as your own.

This license does not authorize the purchaser to share, sell or distribute the artwork to others.

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