Learn How to Engrave Calligraphy

Ken Brown has taught hundreds of students how to engrave beautiful calligraphy lettering on glass and other hard surfaces.

His students return home from his workshop with a plan to Make Money with Engraving. It’s a proven concept. It works. The demand is huge for customization and personalization on just about anything. Wine Bottles are by far the favorite because using Ken’s proven methods, it’s a very easy way to get paid well for engraving. Ken will teach you everything you need to know. When you return home from his class, it is just a matter of applying what you learned, practicing and landing your first engraving event.

“I recently attended Ken’s Engraving Seminar myself and I could not believe what I learned. Without a doubt, anyone that applies Ken’s techniques and teachings will be well on their way to earning a great income with high speed engraving. Ken is the only one teaching a complete, How to Make Money application for engraving that I know of. He not only teaches you how to do the work, but also how to market your work and land engraving events that pay you for engraving.” – Russ Larsen, High Speed Engraving.com

Ken’s class, the equipment and his certification course (optional) may seem like a heavy investment to some. However, I can tell you that many of his students make their full investment back in a few months time when they apply what they learn. Of course, how far you go will be up to you when you get home. I know many of Ken’s students that are now busier than he is when it comes to engraving wine bottles, perfume bottles and more.

Watch the video above for a sneak preview of what Ken teaches in his “A Trip Through The Script” DVD set.

If you have questions about Ken’s workshop, call him or visit his website here. He’s very busy with his own engraving but he always finds the time to help anyone wanting to learn this magnificent skill. Visit Ken’s Website to see more of his work.

This is something you can learn. You don’t need a calligraphy background. You don’t need to have pretty handwriting. This is a technique that Ken will teach you. There are a handful of simple strokes that form every letter of the alphabet. Learn the strokes. Practice them. Apply them to form letters. It’s that simple. You can do this like hundreds of others have already.